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"The colors of life shift

within a fixed parameter,

movable blocks of shadow

and light, interchangeable

or not."

"Chaos is a friend of mine." ~Bob Dylan

"Chaos is a friend of mine." ~Bob Dylan
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Sunday, November 9, 2008

My how time flies! Here's the 11-year-old birthday boy!

It was a good weekend, a good birthday for Connor. My son and his step-daughter arrived Friday afternoon right after I got home from school. Sam promptly developed an intense crush on his 17-year-old cousin. He dogged her constantly, rarely leaving her orbit.

Saturday morning the boys' grandfather arrived; and, after a short visit, my son, his father, Sam and the object of Sam's affection headed off for her softball tournament. Connor, Trish and I went to see "Madagascar 2". The day had actually started VERY early, as Connor tried to get me up at 3:30, then around 6. Birthday excitement.

He did enjoy his goodies and was off playing a new video game when his grandfather arrived. We pried him away from the game for the movie. After said movie, Connor promptly went back to doing what he loves most.....playing video games.

Sam, meanwhile, was walking on air, circling his new crush. He got to go with his grandfather, uncle and Mom to all the games but the one at 8-something last night. He was crushed..

The final two games were Sunday morning. Sam went with his uncle to the first one. After bringing us Starbucks coffee plus a brief visit with Trish, the boys' grandfather joined Sam and Jim at the game. My Ex was headed back to South Texas, where he's working at the moment, after spending a bit more time with Jim. Trish got ready for work while Connor and I headed for Wal-Mart to spend his birthday cash.

My son came back between the final two games to pack and load his Jeep so they could head for San Antonio after the last game. Sam had to say goodbye to his crush and sank into a major depression that lasted until one of his neighborhood buddies rang the doorbell some 30 min. later.

The boys and I climbed up in Connor's bed this afternoon to watch a couple of the DVDs he got. We had a popcorn and movie couple of hours.

It was a good weekend. Connor had a great birthday. Both my kids and the boys got to spend some quality time with their dad and granddad. Sam got a taste of 9-year-old infatuation and the fleeting pain of loss. I got to spend time with my son, which is rare these days with our schedules.

I start the new week with a smile in my heart.


Kelly said...

It sounds like the weekend went really well.

Glad Connor Boy had a good birthday. Hard to believe he's 11!

quid said...

How wonderful! quid

Bob said...

You are great mom and grandmother, Pam. I hope you realize that.

raven said...


I, too am glad that Connor had a great birthday. And I can only echo what Kelly, Quid and Bob said.

It's a great post!