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"The colors of life shift

within a fixed parameter,

movable blocks of shadow

and light, interchangeable

or not."

"Chaos is a friend of mine." ~Bob Dylan

"Chaos is a friend of mine." ~Bob Dylan
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Kings of the Earth and Odds and Ends

                                                            Kings of the Earth by Jon Clinch

This is an amazing book; read it!!  I read a review in my Sunday paper last week and was so intrigued I bought it and jumped right in.  It springs from a true story of 3 bothers and is the work of Jon Clinch, the wonderful author whose acclaimed first novel was FINN ( the imagined story of Pap Finn, Huck's dad).  Wow!  I already had several HUGE stacks of to-read books, but this one grabbed me, forced me to buy and start reading. I'm loving it!!

Wed. Mr. I've-Spent-Most-of-My-Life-Of-Six-Months-In-Confinement went in to be clipped and chipped.  He is, once AGAIN, confined for 2 weeks so he will heal correctly.  I just don't remember having to confine my other male pups for any length of time after neutering.  Times have changed, I guess.  To say he's ticked, confused and chomping at the bit is putting it mildly.  Poor fella.  His personality is bound to be warped by all this restraint and his inability to just be a frisky, naughty, normal puppy.  I'm sure he'll make up for lost time when the new prison sentence is up.  He did after the 10 weeks of apres-surgery on his leg.

Today I scratched the need-to-clean-and-purge itch and tackled several fronts.  I tore through the clothes in my closet with a vengeance!  When it comes to clothes, especially my massive tee shirt collection, I'm loathed to let go of anything.  At least once a year I stick my toe into the tee-shirt-purge effort and toss a few.  Today I got serious!  I also ripped through all the DVDs, VHS and game cases in both boys' rooms.  I tossed all the cases that had no corresponding game/movie and organized them neatly.  No, I didn't alphabetize them or anything crazy like that.  I'm hardly THAT OCD!!  LOL!  Besides, the boys would destroy those efforts in one fell swoop!

One major job left....the garage.  The crown jewel of purging this summer!  I had thought the attic would win that title, but I've change my mind.  It's the garage, by far.  I'm already salivating and I can't even begin until late next week.  Bulky trash pickup is a week from next Wed.    I've already added a few additional jobs to the to-do list, however:  clean all the wooden blinds and shutters in the house.  Also, clean all the fan blades in the ceiling fans.

And, on my breaks--read!!  I'm over halfway through KINGS OF THE EARTH.


Marion said...

You're the 2nd person to recommend this one to me, Pammie, so I'm going to have to read it. It sounds awesome!

I'm envious of your cleaning efforts. I've been trying, even sorting old pictures for the girls, but it's slow going. I have separation anxiety from my 'stuff'. LOL! Stay cool, girlie. Hope your fur kid is better soon. Blessings & Love!

Kelly said...

I'll have to take a closer look at this book. Right now I can hardly wait to jump into the book I won in Jenner's June giveaway. Still have another to finish first, though (plus all my catching up from vacation!!).

Suzy is all "fixed" now, too. She decided to take her own stitches out before we picked her up from the vet this morning. So... no need for a return visit, LOL!

quid said...

I gotta try this book in my "spare" time. I love that you are still planning your garage attack.

I am so glad to hear about Trish and the new job!!