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"Chaos is a friend of mine." ~Bob Dylan

"Chaos is a friend of mine." ~Bob Dylan
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

More grandkids!!!

OK, let me clarify that. Last week my silver Molly (fish) died. I do get attached to these damned things! Of all the fish I have it's only the Mollies that I cozy up to. They have personalities. Often bullies and never boring, these feisty fishies!

Anyway, my Molly died; I flushed, mourned then went to Pet Smart and purchased two more. They are supposed to be schooling fish like the Tetras, but mine usually bully and fight to the death until only one is left standing.

I always ask for the same sex when buying more than one of a kind. I came home with two new Silver Mollies. One seemed less active than the other. The more aggressive Molly chased the other one round and round the tank, terrorizing it all day and even after I doused the light at night.

When changing the water last weekend I was shocked to find tiny little fishies darting around the water. It's hard to tell what kind of fry or babies they are; but, since the Mollies are the only live bearers in my tank, I'm assuming I have two females and one of them was pregnant.

Fish eat their babies so some of my new grandfish were gobbled up and snacked on, I'm sure, before I even discovered they existed. I'm down to two or three survivors who are growing each day. They look just about too big to snack on.

Yes, I'm attached to the fry.

I read something interesting and a bit unsettling. It seems that Mollies can keep having babies for up to SIX months after being impregnated ONCE!! No male is needed in the tank for a female to keep on popping those babies out for a few more months. In fact, she could have even more the next time!

This is not good news! And, with my luck the Alpha Molly is pregnant, too....

I have a twenty gallon tank. Can't handle but a few of these grandfish. Pet Smart may be getting some of them back (I'll give them back for free!) if they survive. Bad grandma that I am, I'm only trying to protect the little grandfry that are now almost too big for snack time. If more come along they're on their own. Survival of the fittest.

No photos yet, folks. Too small ( hiding behind the filter and heater) and only darting out to grab some food. Once they get a bit bigger and dare to swim among the big boys I'll try to get a few shots to share.

OK, I admit I'm obsessing a bit over these two or three new additions to the family. But they are pretty cute!


Kelly said...

Don't count on them being too small to snack on.

When I visited a fish hatchery last Spring, they told us a story about the whopper female bass they wanted to breed. They brought in their largest male to mate with her and guess what..... she ATE HIM!!!

LOL!!! Good luck with your grandfish!!

quid said...


I missed your Mollies when I was there. What fun to be incubating away!


Algernon said...

And don't take it too hard, Pammy, because there are plenty of other...fish...in the... sigh. Never mind.

Algernon said...

Now I've seen the photo (above) and find your new additions rather sweet.