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"The colors of life shift

within a fixed parameter,

movable blocks of shadow

and light, interchangeable

or not."

"Chaos is a friend of mine." ~Bob Dylan

"Chaos is a friend of mine." ~Bob Dylan
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Fun!

Well, the family reunion was fun for all concerned! Three of the cousins bonded over Pokemon and became fast friends. On this end cousin withdrawal has set in. Check out the 3 stooges above!
As for me, I loved visiting with the sibs and meeting new family members. There were babies and baby-to-be as well as a couple of spouses I met for the first time.
Life is too short to go this long before reconnecting with my brothers and sister again.!
At least I'll see my sis again before the summer's over!!!


Kelly said...

It was fun getting to see everyone...you, too, considering it had been close to a year for us. Talking on the phone just isn't the same!

Cute photos of the kiddos.

Bob said...

I saw the photo of all of you on Kelly's blog and Pam, you look just like your mother! And that is a compliment -- I loved her. Y'all will have to make it a priority to see each other more often.

Pam said...

Bob, the older I get the more I think I look like her. I often pass a mirror and do a double take!

How strange....when I was younger I looked like Daddy. Now I look like Mama. When my older brother was younger he looked more like Mama and now he looks like Daddy.

Of course, people often said Mama and Daddy looked enough alike to be siblings. :)

Marion said...

Sounds like y'all had a blast, Pammie. There's nothing like cousins when you're a kid. I grew up surrounded by them and sadly, have lost touch with most of them. Family reunions should be mandatory at least once every 3 - 5 years!

quid said...

Great pictures of the kids!

Debby said...

Family time is nice. Those children look like a merry bunch!